I have been in the insulation business since 1985.

I was purchasing genuine replacement parts for my spray machines and my guys treated the parts like animals. I got tired of having my guys destroy overpriced parts so I tried a few aftermarket parts only to find they were inferior.

I then decided to make my own replacement which got the attention of a few local sprayers. I started getting requests from my competitors to purchase my items.

I formed EvoSpray a short time after that offering replacement parts that are as good and several cases better than the genuine parts.

We do not skimp out on materials, we use the exact same as genuine with the exception of our mix chambers and side seals. Our mix chambers and side seals are made out of A2 tool steel and then we case harden them.

What does this mean to you? They last much longer and resist scratching much more than any other chamber on the market. Regards, Kent Thornbery